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Illustrator logo creation: Parmigianos

This logo was one of my first introductions to Adobe Illustrator. This was done during my Cal Poly Jour 390 lab work within about an hour. We were tasked with using a variety of Illustrator tools to replicate shapes, group items, draw and create a larger cohesive image. Color considerations came into play as well in the name of the business with orange and red colors said to indicate hunger.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.09.06 PM

Photoshop image based on headline

This was work I performed during a lab in my Cal Poly Jour 390 class. Our task was to take an image and alter it in Photoshop to make it literal based on a news story headline. I chose “Illegals Line up for driver’s licenses,” which was a headline used in the Santa Barbara News-Press for a story about non-citizens lining up at the DMV to apply for licenses after state law allowed them to do so. I used icons representing illegal items like fireworks and drug paraphernalia. This was my first introduction to Photoshop.

illegals line up for DMVFinal

Logo work in Illustrator

This was a logo design that we were tasked with doing for Poly Game Review. Poly Game Review offers unbiased video game reviews. This sample logo was created within an hour. With this logo I sought to incorporate gaming elements, and in this case it was the symbols used on a game controller, as well as a pencil as a nod to the review aspect.

Poly Game Review logo