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Illustrator logo creation: Parmigianos

This logo was one of my first introductions to Adobe Illustrator. This was done during my Cal Poly Jour 390 lab work within about an hour. We were tasked with using a variety of Illustrator tools to replicate shapes, group items, draw and create a larger cohesive image. Color considerations came into play as well in the name of the business with orange and red colors said to indicate hunger.


Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 3.09.06 PM

Recreating a magazine cover using InDesign: Dwell

For this Adobe InDesign project I was tasked with recreating a magazine cover within the span of a few hours. This magazine cover is a close reproduction of the actual. I started with a blank project searched for a copyright free image that resembled the house on the dwell cover. Then I recreated the headlines in similar colors and fonts to the original.



dwell magazine

Story: 1st Friday Artisan Market

1st Friday Artisan Market is an open air market held on the first Friday of every month at Allan Hancock Community College in Santa Maria. The event is an opportunity for small businesses to come out, sell their wares and introduce themselves to the community in a fun and festive atmosphere. This was an on the spot multimedia piece I created within an hour of the event. I asked random business owners if they’d be willing to provide a brief on-camera introduction to their business. Then I wrote up a brief into, created a little Meet the Merchants subhead and added photos of each merchant. Using ThingLink I linked each photo to the short video introduction of each merchant. You can view the full piece here: 1st Friday Artisan Market Continues to Grow


Barnstar bar soaps


Photoshop image based on headline

This was work I performed during a lab in my Cal Poly Jour 390 class. Our task was to take an image and alter it in Photoshop to make it literal based on a news story headline. I chose “Illegals Line up for driver’s licenses,” which was a headline used in the Santa Barbara News-Press for a story about non-citizens lining up at the DMV to apply for licenses after state law allowed them to do so. I used icons representing illegal items like fireworks and drug paraphernalia. This was my first introduction to Photoshop.

illegals line up for DMVFinal

Logo work in Illustrator

This was a logo design that we were tasked with doing for Poly Game Review. Poly Game Review offers unbiased video game reviews. This sample logo was created within an hour. With this logo I sought to incorporate gaming elements, and in this case it was the symbols used on a game controller, as well as a pencil as a nod to the review aspect.

Poly Game Review logo

Magazine feature layout

This is a magazine feature layout mock up I created in Adobe InDesign. Here is a link to the layout in Issuu:















Measles Outbreak Illustrator Infographic

This is a graphic I created using Adobe Illustrator. The graphic was used to describe several aspects of the measles outbreak, which was linked to Disneyland. A map chart was used icons to show the states affected with the icon size in correlation to the number of cases in that state. A bubble chart was used to show cases by age. Another chart used animal icons to explore the concept of “herd immunity.”